The lorgennale performative arts festival will take place this autumn during Oct 6’th – Oct 8’th weekend in Portugal. After Croatia, Germany, Hungary and Moldova, the 5’th edition will showcase 4 live performances which will take place in people’s apartments from Lisbon. We bring culture right in the center of the domestic space, welcoming one local artist and three artists from Romania.

The entrance is free, but the guests are asked to bring one object that symbolizes “home” for them – this is the ticket to the festival!  The seats are limited to one’s living room.

lorgennale is a shifting art festival hosted by various domestic spaces across European cities.

This project is co-financed by the Romanian Cultural Institute through the Cantemir Programme - a funding framework for cultural projects intended for the international environment.The Romanian Cultural Institute cannot be held responsible for the content of this material.


// Friday // Oct 6’th // 7:30 PM

“exuviation” a performative exhibition by Jean-Lorin Sterian

Certain periods of one’s life are tied to a particular jacket or pair of shoes. Since beginning Exuviation, I know where most of my old clothes are because I purposely left them in emotionally significant places. In 2021, after spending a month at an art residency in Pristina, I left the apartment I was living in without realizing I hadn’t left any garments behind. I understood then that the project was over. Some journeys end before you even realize it.

For reservations please send an email to and we will share the host’s location.

// Saturday // Oct 7’th // 7:30 PM

“The inevitable thunder-silence” text and music: Alex Gigas

Music and poetry show based on Jorge Luís Borges’ tigers and John Cage’s Treaty of Silence,   or how poetry is a driver of vital forces for survival in post-pandemic times.

„poetic. the sound interface/performance connection” by Răzvan Țupa

In „poetic. the sound interface/performance connection” poems written in Bucharest and Lisbon by Răzvan Țupa blend the visual and sound dimensions of poetry. The anatomical suit and transparent plastic rollers reshape the performance space, starting from the fragility and transparency of words. And the lightplay comes into relation with the meaning of obscure formulations.

For reservations please send an email to and we will share the host’s location.

// Saturday // Oct 7’th // all day // 11 AM – 7 PM

“The Agency of Touch” one to one 40’ sessions by Mădălina Dan

The Agency of Touch – one on one tactile choreography is a social intervention using touch, bodily/ sensorial awareness and connectivity as a vehicle for communication and research within different social, cultural, economic, medical contexts. The work consists in one -on – one tactile sessions happening on the body of the receiver. „The Agency of Touch” is a sensorial/tactile work. In this approach the participant becomes the spectator of their own sensations.

Created by Mădălina Dan, Soundscape: Natalia Bustamante, Produced by: Inter-university Center for Dance Berlin (hzt-soda-2016)

Spots are limited to 7 participants (sessions). For reservations please send an email to and specify the hour you wish to attend and we will share the host’s location.

// Sunday // Oct 8’th // Noon

“I’m so happy that you came” performative home visit with Jean-Lorin Sterian, Mădălina Dan, Răzvan Țupa

For reservations please send an email to and we share the host’s location.

Jean-Lorin Sterian is a researcher, writer, artist and performer currently based in Bucharest. He started PhD studies in 2016, researching what he coined to be »homemade« culture, the encounter between works of art and home. Between 2008-2015 he opened lorgean theatre, the first Romanian living-room theater and since 2014 he manages HomeFest,  held only in houses and flats in Bucharest. The international version of HomeFest, lorgennale is envisioned as a travelling festival of performative arts among the cities of Europe. Jean-Lorin Sterian worked as a performer for two projects at Venice Biennale,  An Immaterial Retrospective of the Venice Biennale (2013) and The Sinthome Score (2015) when he performed also during the biennale his own project, The parasite socks project (2015). Since 2018 he started pj.lo project, a musical ego trip hop about social zombies.

Răzvan Ţupa (1975) is known for presenting his poetry in performance both on stage and in unconventional locations since 2001. His books include ”fetish” (2001), which won the Mihai Eminescu National Award for literary debut, ”romanian bodies” (2005) and ”poetic.the sky in delft and other romanian bodies” (2011). His latest collections are ”poetic. the graphic relation” (Casa de pariuri literare), with drawings by Ioana Miron, and ”poetic. the sound interface”, in 2022. He performed poetry in Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, New York, Prague, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Zagreb.

Alex Gigas is a poet and performer. He has published 6 books and various texts, including short stories, poems, scientific articles and chronicles, spread across various magazines and newspapers between Portugal and Brazil. Since 2010, he has been developing performative activities where several poetic languages predominate, using disciplinary intersections that include music and video. He produces poetry events. He performs solo poetry readings and integrates several musical projects, where we highlight the ensembles with Ernesto Rodrigues and TEKOHA.


Mădălina Dan studied at the Choreography High School in Bucharest and has a BA at the choreography department of the National University of Theatre and Film, where she also received her MA in play- writing. She was a member of “Oleg Danovski” Ballet Company from 1998 till 2003. In 2008 she received the danceWEB scholarship in Vienna. She was guest artist to the Herberger Institute, School of Dance (Arizona State University) in 2009 and was associated artists at the National Dance Centre in Bucharest in 2016. She studied in Berlin at HZT (Hochschulübergreifende Zentrum Tanz Berlin 2014-2016) in the frame of the SoDA programme (SoloDanceAuthorship). Her works have been shown at Bozar- Bruxelles, Springdance Festival Utrecht, Balkan Dance Platform – Novi Sad, eXplore Dance Festival – Bucharest, Temps d’Images – Cluj, SouthBank Center & Chisenhale Dance Space – London, Fabrik Potsdam, Hebbel am Uffer – Berlin, TanzFabrik-Berlin, Tanzquartier Wien, Dance Theater Workshop – New York, Firkin Crane-Cork, Alta Theater – Prague, Art Stations Foundation – Poznan, Sophien Saale – Berlin, FFT Düsseldorf, Impulse Festival, Mulheim, Lyon Dance Biennale, Schauschpiel Leipzig, Hellerau – Dresden, Kaaistudios Bruxelles etc. She received an award from the National Dance Centre in Bucharest at the CNDB Awards 2015.